Allister de Kock World Number 1245
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.0675
  • TOTAL POINTS: 3.38
  • DIVISOR: 50

Allister de Kock

World Number 1245
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
South African Open hosted by the City of JohannesburgAFR,EUR22020MC-1-1245th
Big Easy ChampionshipBET482019T15-1-1255th
Big Easy Challenge 18 - SowetoBET462019T28-1-1243rd
Vodacom Origins FinalAFR442019MC-1-1226th
Sibaya ChallengeAFR432019MC-1-1228th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - SelborneAFR422019T51.5411.541232nd
Big Easy Challenge 14 - CMRBET412019T21.500.98911.481464th
Big Easy Challenge 13 - ParkviewBET402019T13-0.9783-1917th
Vodacom Origins of Golf HumewoodAFR392019T15-0.9674-1899th
Big Easy Challenge 11 - ServicesBET372019T18-0.9457-1877th
King's CupAFR362019MC-0.9348-1871st
Big Easy Challenge 10 - EPRMBET352019MC-0.9239-1868th
Vodacom Origins of Golf SishenAFR342019T42-0.913-1852nd
Big Easy Challenge 9 - Wingate ParkBET332019MC-0.9022-1832nd
Royal Swazi Spa ChallengeAFR312019T18-0.8804-1815th
Big Easy Challenge 7 - KillarneyBET30201919-0.8696-1808th
Big Easy Challenge 6 - AkasiaBET272019T8-0.837-1781st
Big Easy Challenge 5 - State MinesBET262019T9-0.8261-1757th
Big Easy Challenge 4 - ReadingBET232019MC-0.7935-1726th
Big Easy Challenge 1 - CenturionBET162019T24-0.7174-1628th
Limpopo ChampionshipAFR102019T70-0.6522-1563rd
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR72019MC-0.6196-1543rd
RAM Cape Town OpenAFR62019T67-0.6087-1517th
Eye of Africa PGA ChampionshipAFR52019MC-0.5978-1512nd
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipAFR,EUR502018MC-0.5217-1523rd
South African OpenAFR,EUR492018MC-0.5109-1523rd
Big Easy Challenge 15 - ParkviewBET482018MC-0.5-1518th
Big Easy Challenge 14 - IreneBET462018MC-0.4783-1521st
Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR442018T33-0.4565-1506th
Big Easy Challenge 13 - Eagle Canyon BET442018MC-0.4565-1506th
Sibaya ChallengeAFR432018MC-0.4457-1503rd
Vodacom Origins of Golf ParysAFR422018MC-0.4348-1489th
Big Easy Challenge 11 - ReadingBET412018T15-0.4239-1481st
Vodacom Origins of Golf - St Francis LinksAFR392018MC-0.4022-1458th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - ArabellaAFR372018MC-0.3804-1449th
Big Easy Challenge 9 - KyalamiBET362018MC-0.3696-1445th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - SelborneAFR352018MC-0.3587-1436th
Sun Wild Coast Sun ChallengeAFR342018MC-0.3478-1419th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - ZebulaAFR332018T39-0.337-1417th
Sun Carnival City ChallengeAFR322018MC-0.3261-1406th
Sun Royal Spa Swazi ChallengeAFR312018MC-0.3152-1397th
Big Easy Challenge 6 - CenturionBET272018MC-0.2717-1368th
Big Easy Challenge - KillarneyBET262018MC-0.2609-1356th
Sun City ChallengeAFR232018MC-0.2283-1325th
Big Easy Challenge 3 - State MinesBET212018MC-0.2065-1302nd
Big Easy Challenge 2 - Modderfontein BET20201821.800.19570.351299th
Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR19201852-0.1848-1993rd
Cape Town Open presented by Sun InternationalAFR82018MC-0.0652-1940th
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR72018MC-0.0543-1936th
Eye of Africa PGA ChampionshipAFR62018MC-0.0435-1937th


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1Big Easy Challenge 2 - Modderfontein BET201821.801299th
2Vodacom Origins of Golf - SelborneAFR2019T51.541232nd
3Big Easy Challenge 14 - CMRBET2019T21.501464th
4South African Open hosted by the City of JohannesburgAFR,EUR2020MC-1245th
5Big Easy ChampionshipBET2019T15-1255th
6Big Easy Challenge 18 - SowetoBET2019T28-1243rd
7Vodacom Origins FinalAFR2019MC-1226th
8Sibaya ChallengeAFR2019MC-1228th
9Big Easy Challenge 13 - ParkviewBET2019T13-1917th
10Vodacom Origins of Golf HumewoodAFR2019T15-1899th
11Big Easy Challenge 11 - ServicesBET2019T18-1877th
12King's CupAFR2019MC-1871st
13Big Easy Challenge 10 - EPRMBET2019MC-1868th
14Vodacom Origins of Golf SishenAFR2019T42-1852nd
15Big Easy Challenge 9 - Wingate ParkBET2019MC-1832nd
16Royal Swazi Spa ChallengeAFR2019T18-1815th
17Big Easy Challenge 7 - KillarneyBET201919-1808th
18Big Easy Challenge 6 - AkasiaBET2019T8-1781st
19Big Easy Challenge 5 - State MinesBET2019T9-1757th
20Big Easy Challenge 4 - ReadingBET2019MC-1726th