Kyongjun Moon World Number 525
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.3074
  • TOTAL POINTS: 12.60
  • DIVISOR: 41

Kyongjun Moon

World Number 525
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
The 10th Descente Korea Munsingwear MatchplayKOR232019T17-1-525th
KB Finance Liiv ChampionshipKOR212019T51.8611.86529th
SK telecom OPENKOR202019T11-1-582nd
The 2nd Huons Elravie Celebrity Pro-AmKOR192019T51.8611.86576th
The 38th GS Caltex Maekyung Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR182019T37-1-628th
NS Home Shopping Gunsan CC Jeonbook OpenKOR172019T61.4111.41617th
The 15th DB Insurance Promy OpenKOR162019T35-1-665th
Bangabandhu Cup Golf OpenASA142019T41-1-658th
Golfzon · DYB Education Tour ChampionshipKOR452018T81.350.80431.09528th
A+ Life Hyodam Jeju Open with MTNKOR442018T14-0.7935-566th
Hyundai Insurance KJ Choi InvitationalKOR432018T22-0.7826-557th
Huons Celebrity Pro-AmKOR382018MC-0.7283-540th
The 34th Shinhan Donghae OpenASA,KOR372018T44-0.7174-530th
DGB Financial Group Daegu Gyeongbuk OpenKOR352018MC-0.6957-526th
DONG-A Membership Exchange Group Busan OpenKOR332018T42.220.67391.5515th
NS HomeShopping Gunsan CC Jeonbuk OpenKOR272018T51.860.60871.13536th
The 61st KPGA Championship with A-ONE CCKOR262018T49-0.5978-607th
Kolon Korea Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR252018T34.200.5872.47600th
KEB Hana Bank InvitationalKOR242018T28-0.5761-739th
KB Finance LIIV ChampionshipKOR222018T71.470.55430.81723rd
Genesis ChampionshipKOR212018T23-0.5435-784th
SK Telecom OpenKOR202018T15-0.5326-771st
The 37th GS Caltex Maekyung Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR182018T33-0.5109-740th
The 14th Dongbu Insurance Promy OpenKOR162018T39-0.4891-717th
Emirates Australian OpenANZ472017T321.310.26090.34645th
Caido Series 2017 Tour Championship with Sol Moro CCKOR442017T32-0.2283-681st
Hyundai Insurance KJ CHOI INVITATIONALKOR432017MC-0.2174-674th
Honma TourWorld CupJPN402017T29-0.1848-637th
TOP Cup Tokai ClassicJPN392017T40-0.1739-631st
Genesis ChampionshipKOR382017T50-0.163-619th
Shinhan Donghae OpenASA,KOR372017T28-0.1522-609th
ISPS Handa Match PlayJPN362017MC-0.1413-604th
T-up GSwing Mega Open presented by Dreampark CCKOR362017T71-0.1413-604th
Fujisankei ClassicJPN352017T56-0.1304-594th
RIZAP KBC AugustaJPN342017T30-0.1196-582nd
Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima OpenJPN302017T43-0.0761-538th
Caido Series 2017 - Jinju Savings Bank Caido Male Open with Black CatsKOR282017T32.380.05430.13536th
Shigeo Nagashima Invitational SEGA SAMMY CupJPN272017T26-0.0435-597th
Caido Series 2017 - NS HomeShopping Gunsan CC Jeonbuk OpenKOR262017T59-0.0326-590th
The 60th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CCKOR252017T61-0.0217-583rd
Caido Series 2017 Caido Golden V1 OpenKOR242017T16-0.0109-580th


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1The 34th GS Caltax Maekyung OpenKOR201517.00436th
2The 36th GS Caltax Maekyung OpenKOR,ONE201725.40543rd
3Kolon Korea Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR2018T34.20600th
4The 30th Shinhan Donghae OpenKOR2014T24.00634th
5YAMAHA HANKYUNG The 57th KPGA ChampionshipKOR201423.60764th
6Caido Series 2017 - Jinju Savings Bank Caido Male Open with Black CatsKOR2017T32.38536th
7Volvo China OpenEUR2017T132.30701st
8DONG-A Membership Exchange Group Busan OpenKOR2018T42.22515th
9The 35th GS Caltax Maekyung OpenKOR,ONE2016T62.09527th
10 7th Meritz Solmoro OpenKOR2012T31.881073rd
11KB Finance Liiv ChampionshipKOR2019T51.86529th
12The 2nd Huons Elravie Celebrity Pro-AmKOR2019T51.86576th
13NS HomeShopping Gunsan CC Jeonbuk OpenKOR2018T51.86536th
14ANA OpenJPN2015T111.84417th
15Kolon The 58th Korea OpenKOR,ONE2015T51.54456th
16KB Finance LIIV ChampionshipKOR2018T71.47723rd
17Kolon-Hana Bank 51st Korea Open ASA2008T161.44-
18 Caido Korea Tour ChampionshipKOR2016T71.42653rd
19NS Home Shopping Gunsan CC Jeonbook OpenKOR2019T61.41617th
20Descente Korea Munsingwear MatchplayKOR201691.36534th