Christiaan Basson World Number 654
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.1889
  • TOTAL POINTS: 8.88
  • DIVISOR: 47

Christiaan Basson

World Number 654
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
Investec CupAFR122015T18-1-648th
Tshwane OpenAFR112015MC-1-645th
Africa OpenAFR102015MC-1-641st
Joburg OpenAFR92015MC-1-624th
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR82015MC-1-625th
The South African Open Championship Hosted by the City of EkurhuleniAFR22015MC-1-621st
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipAFR502014T33-0.9674-608th
Lion of Africa Cape Town OpenAFR482014T131.390.94571.31619th
Nedbank Affinity CupAFR452014T13-0.913-639th
Vodacom Origins of Golf Final presented by Samsung - PezulaAFR442014T40-0.9022-629th
BMG ClassicAFR422014T16-0.8804-622nd
Sun Boardwalk Golf ChallengeAFR412014MC-0.8696-611st
Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - Vaal de GraceAFR402014T15-0.8587-602nd
Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - Wild CoastAFR362014T71.210.81520.99586th
Wild Waves Golf ChallengeAFR352014T84-0.8043-607th
Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - St Francis AFR312014T32-0.7609-580th
Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - ArabellaAFR302014T11-0.75-569th
Sun City ChallengeAFR272014T22-0.7174-546th
Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - EuphoriaAFR262014T32-0.7065-531st
Zambia Sugar OpenAFR232014T24-0.6739-513rd
Lombard Insurance ClassicAFR21201416.000.65223.91509th
Mopani Copper Mines Zambia OpenAFR202014T38-0.6413-682nd
Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR192014MC-0.6304-658th
The Golden Pilsener Zimbabwe OpenAFR152014T34-0.587-642nd
Telkom Business PGA ChampionshipAFR142014T141.280.57610.74624th
Tshwane OpenAFR92014MC-0.5217-634th
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR82014MC-0.5109-622nd
Joburg OpenEUR62014T49-0.4891-612nd
The Nelson Mandela Championship presented by ISPS HandaAFR502013T72-0.4022-621st
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipAFR482013MC-0.3804-611st
South African Open ChampionshipAFR472013T104.320.36961.6604th
Nedbank Affinity CupAFR452013T21-0.3478-737th
Lion of Africa Cape Town OpenAFR442013MC-0.337-728th
BMG ClassicAFR422013MC-0.3152-705th
Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR412013T20-0.3043-693rd
Platinum ClassicAFR382013T11-0.2717-661st
Vodacom Vodacom Orgins of GolfAFR372013MC-0.2609-646th
Wild Waves Golf ChallengeAFR352013T41.200.23910.29631st
Vodacom Origins of GolfAFR342013T15-0.2283-657th
Vodacom Origins of GolfAFR322013MC-0.2065-636th
Sun City ChallengeAFR272013MC-0.1522-587th
Vodacom Origins of GolfAFR262013T25-0.1413-577th
Vodacom Eastern CapeAFR232013MC-0.1087-555th
Lombard Insurance ClassicAFR222013MC-0.0978-552nd
Zambia OpenAFR202013T43-0.0761-536th
Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR182013T42-0.0543-524th
Zimbabwe OpenAFR162013T131.430.03260.05501st


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1MTC Namibia PGA ChampionshipAFR201128.40511st
2Lombard Insurance ClassicAFR201416.00509th
3Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR201216.00435th
4Investec Royal Swazi Open AFR201135.60408th
5South African Open ChampionshipEUR2013T104.32604th
6MTC Namibia PGA ChampionshipAFR2009T62.42711st
7Vodacom Origins - SishenAFR201222.40452nd
8Lion of Africa Cape Town OpenAFR2012T72.13477th
9MTC Nambia PGA ChampionshipAFR200892.10963rd
10Telkom PGA ChampionshipAFR2008T101.89868th
11Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipEUR2011T151.70511st
12Zimbabwe OpenAFR2013T131.43501st
13Africa OpenAFR2009T181.40668th
14Lion of Africa Cape Town OpenAFR2014T131.39619th
15South African Open ChampionshipEUR2008T371.34865th
16Telkom Business PGA ChampionshipAFR2014T141.28624th
17Africom Zimbabwe OpenAFR2010T161.23696th
18Nashua MastersAFR2008T161.231114th
19Vodacom Origins - SimolaAFR2012T81.23416th
20Vodacom Origins of Golf presented by Samsung - Wild CoastAFR2014T71.21586th