Official Tournaments from the leading professional Eligible Golf Tours from around the world as well as Major Championships, World Golf Championships, Olympic Games and the World Cup of Golf* (*Individual Competition only) are eligible for World Ranking Points. Any player competing in any of these tournaments will receive World Ranking Points subject to their respective finishing position which are awarded according to a tournaments strength of field and the players finishing position

The Eligible Golf Tours which are currently included in the OWGR System are:

Alps Tour Golf, Asian Development Tour, Asian Tour, EuroPro Tour, European Challenge Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Korean Golf Tour, MENA Golf Tour, Nordic Golf League, OneAsia, PGA European Tour, PGA Tour, PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour China, PGA Tour Latinoamérica, PGA Tour of Australasia, ProGolf Tour, Sunshine Tour and Tour.

World Ranking Points

The World Ranking Points for each player are accumulated over a two year “rolling” period with the points awarded for each event maintained for a 13-week period to place additional emphasis on recent performances.

Ranking points are then reduced in equal decrements for the remaining 91 weeks of the two year Ranking period. Each player is then ranked according to his average points per tournament, which is determined by dividing his total number of points by the tournaments he has played over that two-year period.

There is a minimum divisor of 40 tournaments over the two year ranking period and a maximum divisor of a player’s last 52 events.

Strength of Field

The Strength of Field for each tours event is determined by using the World Rating and Home Tour Rating.

The World Rating is based on the number of Top-200 World Ranked players competing in the event and a value is allocated to the position within the Top 200.

The Home Tour Rating is based on the number of Top-30 Ranked players using each tours end of year final ranking with a value allocated to the position within the Top 30 Ranked players.

The World and Home Rating* using the values in the charts below are added together to produce the Strength of Field rating. The number of points** allocated to an event is then determined by the Rating Points Structure and which band the total Strength of Field rating falls into.

World Rating Chart

World Ranking Position World Rating Values
1st 45
2nd 37
3rd 32
4th 27
5th 24
6th 21
7th 20
8th 19
9th 18
10th 17
11th 16
12th 15
13th 14
14th 13
15th 12
16th to 30th 11
31st to 34th 10
35th to 38th 9
39th to 43rd 8
44th to 50th 7
51st to 55th 6
56th to 60th 5
61st to 70th 4
71st to 80th 3
81st to 100th 2
101st to 200th 1

Home Rating Chart

Home Rank of Player Home Rating Values
1st 8
2nd 7
3rd 6
4th 5
5th 4
6th to 15th 3
16th to 30th 1
Total Home Tour Rating Values
Limited to 75% of World Rating Values

*Note: The total Home Tour Rating is limited to 75% of the total World Rating value. 

**Note: Points are reduced by 25% for tournaments curtailed to 36 holes because of inclement weather or other reasons. However a tournament will not be reduced below its minimum points level.

Minimum Point’s Level

Each tour* has a minimum 1st place point’s level which comes into effect should the 1st place points based on the Strength of Field rating be lower than that awarded to each tour in the chart below:

TOUR MIN 1st Place Points
European Tour 24
PGA Tour 24
Japan Golf Tour 16
PGA Tour of Australasia 16 Hybrid Events 16
Asian Tour 14
Sunshine Tour
14 Tour
European Challenge Tour - Final Series 13 
European Challenge Tour 12
Korean Golf Tour 9
Alps Golf Tour
Asian Development Tour
PGA Tour of Australasia State Events
EuroPro Tour
Nordic Golf League
One Asia
PGA Tour Canada
PGA Tour China
PGA Tour LatinoAmerica
Pro Golf Tour
Sunshine Tour Winter Series 6
Mena Golf Tour
Alps Golf Tour - 54 Hole Events
EuroPro Tour - 54 Hole Events
Nordic Golf League - 54 Hole Events 4
ProGolf Tour - 54 Hole Events 4
Sunshine Tour Winter Series -54 Hole Events
MENA Golf Tour - 54 Hole Events

*Note: The minimum points level for co-sanctioned events are determined using the “average” of each tours minimum 1st place points level rounded up to the nearest whole number. The Home ratings for co-sanctioned events are based on the “home” Tour.

Major Championships

The 4 Majors, Masters Tournament, U.S. Open Championship, The Open Championship and US PGA Championship are rated separately and are awarded 100 1st place points. All players who complete all 4 rounds of a Major Championship are awarded Ranking Points to reflect the higher quality of the events.

Olympic Games, World Cup of Golf and World Golf Championships

The Strength of Field for the Olympic Games, World Cup of Golf and World Golf Championships is calculated by using the World Rating and an additional World Rating based on the Top-30 World Ranked with the following values applied:

World Rank of Player Home Rating Values
1st 8
2nd 7
3rd 6
4th 5
5th 4
6th to 15th 3
16th to 30th 1
Total Home Tour Rating Values
Limited to 75% of World Rating Values

Flagship Events

The Leading 6 tours:  PGA TOUR, PGA European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia, Sunshine Tour, Asian Tour and the 2 development and European Challenge Tour are awarded a flagship event and allocated a higher minimum points levels to reflect their status.

Flagship Events MIN
PGA Tour - Players Championship 80
European Tour - BMW PGA Championship 64
Japan - Japan Open 32
South African - South African Open 32
Australia - Australian Open 32
Asian Tour - Thailand Golf Championship 20 - Tour Championship 20
Challenge Tour - Grand Final 17

Limited Field Tournaments*

Limited field events are defined as less than 30 qualified players. The Strength of Field for a limited field is calculated by using the World Rating only. Points are capped to 2.40 maximum points for last place or first round losers in match play events of less than 30 qualified players.

Special Tournaments*

Special Tournaments are defined as a tournament that is sanctioned by an Eligible Golf Tour but does not count towards the Eligible Golf Tour’s end of season ranking list.

*Limited Field Tournaments or Special Tournaments must be approved on an individual basis initially by the Technical Committee and then approved by the Governing Board.